Explore the New Ford Edge ST

The new Ford Edge ST is quite remarkable because it serves more than one purpose. This performance SUV can entertain you with innovative technologies, and it can thrill you while you're performing daily tasks. The Edge ST is also favored across various demographics.

From its gloss-black grille to its dual exhaust, the Ford Edge ST has been designed to thrill as well as stir your emotions. Besides the SUV's performance features, this vehicle hosts a plethora of other functions. This includes one-touch powered windows, ambient lighting for the interior, as well as a cargo management system. The built-in Wi-Fi allows for seamless connections to the internet. For accessing apps, the Edge ST sports an eight-inch touchscreen display. Other features included are 20/21-inch wheels as well as an optional 180-degree camera.

It's time to take this magnificent SUV out for a test drive. Visit our Ford sales location before it's too late.



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