Get to Know the Newly Redesigned Ford Ranger

If you haven’t yet discovered the many benefits of owning and driving a new Ford Ranger, it’s time that changed. The Ranger has been redesigned for a new generation, and Fiesta Ford Inc. has a wide selection of this future favorite mid-size pick-up truck brand for you to inspect and test drive for yourself.

The Ranger’s versatile cab offers a number of possibilities for configuring your vehicle to suit your personal tastes and lifestyle. You can choose between seating for four, seating for five or additional cargo space, and an optional touchscreen offers music, navigation and more at your fingertips.

You’re also bound to be impressed by the Ranger’s stylish exterior. The chassis has been carefully crafted to convey power, and numerous traditional and metallic paint choices are available. In addition, the array of trim, accessory and wheel packages is sure to include at least one option that appeals to you.



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