Live Your Best Life in the Ford Edge ST

Automobiles can provide pleasure no matter the brand, and Ford certainly epitomizes this notion to the fullest. The new Ford Edge ST has been built to be driven thanks to all of its wonderful attributes. Here's closure look at this mid-size sedan in better detail.

The new Ford Edge ST is the more powerful version of the standard Ford Edge. Both trim levels share many of the same qualities, but the Edge ST takes things to a new level via performance. This popular mid-size SUV comes equipped with a magnificent 2.7-liter engine. This particular engine is turbocharged, and it hosts EcoBoost technology. Five individuals can be seated in the cabin. There's no need for cables or chords to keep your mobile phones charged. The Edge ST offers wireless charging. There are also smart charge USB ports that are available.

The Ford Edge ST is on full display at our showroom, so come in and get a personal tour.

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