The Ford C-Max Outperforms the Competition

If you are looking for a hybrid vehicle that outperforms the competition, it's time to check out the Ford C-Max hybrid. As a vehicle rated top in the class for compact hybrids, the Ford C-Max has earned this distinction because of the amazing 188 horsepower it delivers and a maximum speed of 85 miles an hour in electric mode.

Learn more about the braking feature, which recycles the power from braking and stores it in your battery or use the EcoSelect button to drive more efficiently on your way to work. This is a compact yet roomy hybrid that will give you what you are looking for in your next hybrid.

Check out the Ford C-Max at Fiesta Ford Inc. and take one out for a test drive. You will be able to see how this hybrid handles on the road and why drivers of hybrid vehicles are choosing it over other options.



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