Let's Focus on the Ford Focus ST Interior Features

Life can become very busy at times, since we need to focus on a lot of responsibilities. But if you were to put all your focus on the Ford Focus ST, you will surely get a little bundle of joy that lasts a long time. Enjoy the comfortable ride where there is a Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control that regulates the temperature according to each passenger’s preference. Check out the smart gauges on the customizable LCD screen display showing all the metrics related to your vehicle.

As icing on the cake, there is SiriusXM Travel Link with GPS systems that will guide you where to go. When you are on the highway and do not have time to look at your phone or access certain locations on Google Maps, there is a FordPass feature that locates gas stations, coffee shops, and restaurants along your route. Set your GPS for Fiesta Ford Inc., so we can tell you more about this wonderful vehicle.



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