Impressive Performance Features in the New Ford F-150

Why are drivers excited about the all-new Ford F-150 pickup truck? These are a couple performance features fueling that debate.

Each driver that buys a Ford F-150 might use it for different reasons. Some only use it to haul camping gear into the woods, while others consider it a work truck used for hauling tons of gear back and forth to the site. No problem, you get to choose your Ford F-150 with any of six powerful engines, including the diesel engine.

The technology used to create the new Ford F-150 was designed to help conserve fuel too. Take a look at the Auto Start-Stop Technology in the new Ford F-150. Each time you stop, the engine stops too, when you release the brake, it will start again instantly. If you want to feel the power behind the new Ford F-150, visit Fiesta Ford Inc. and take one for a test drive.



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