2018 Ford Fusion - State of the Art Performance Technology

Cutting edge technology makes driving the 2018 Ford Fusion seem like a theme park ride into the future. Electric Power-Assist Steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts the responsiveness of the steering to the speed of the car and compensates for crosswinds and road vibrations.

Even in all-electric mode, the Fusion Hybrid reaches speeds in excess of 80 miles-per-hour. The Fusion Hybrid also provides continuous guidance in the form of feedback from the SmartGauge EcoGuide. The feedback allows you to adjust your driving for maximum energy conservation.

The Automatic Start-Stop technology turns off the engine whenever the car comes to a stop in traffic but leaves the radio and air conditioning running. When the brake is released and the gas pedal depressed, the engine restarts automatically.

If you are interested in learning more about automotive technology, just come by Fiesta Ford Inc. and take a look for yourself. We would be happy to arrange a test drive.

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