Explore Traction and Temperature Rating in Car Tires

There are a number of variations that you should know when buying new tires for your car. For instance, the traction rating "A" shows that the tires offer you best performance when driving in concrete, wet asphalt or on a straight line. However, the rating does not feature how the tires perform when making turns or for hydroplaning-resistance during wet conditions. The Department of Transportation has graded traction into AA, A, B and C, with the first option symbolizing the best quality.

On the other hand, the temperature rating "A" shows that the tires can resist generated heat, even under high speeds. In the case of temperature rating, the grading system ranges from A to C. The "A" is considered the best quality for temperature resistance.

Get to our Ford parts center in Indio, CA for more information regarding the tire grading system in the U.S. Be assured that we consider all other factors when advising on the best tires for your car.

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