Check Out the Exclusive Ford Mustang Tech Features

The all-new Ford Mustang is here to stay. This high-performing sports vehicle is leading the way for sports vehicles everywhere. Starting at $26,120 with a leasing option of $300 a month, this popular sports car will give you speed, style, and prestige for a simple price. Fiesta Ford can help facilitate a test drive.

You will always stay in control with the exclusive technology features. Nothing is out of reach as every feature displays on the navigation screen. One useful component that should grab your attention is the FordPass system that locates gas stations, parking garages, and restaurants on the way. Gaze down at the Track Apps displayed on the 12-inch LCD digital instrument cluster that shows the performance metrics of the vehicle. This system also connects with MyMode that keeps track of your drive settings, so you do not need to change them every time when you get inside the car.



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