The Signs It's Time for Brake Service in Indio


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The ability to stop on a dime is imperative to your safety on the Indio roads. How do you make sure that you'll always be able to do that? With routine brake service and maintenance. Be sure to recognize the signs that it's time for brake service.

  • Brake pads should be at least a quarter of an inch thick. When they become thinner than that because of wear and tear, it's time to replace them. If you wait until they're totally worn down to replace them...
  • ...your calipers and rotors will start rubbing together, creating a grinding sound every time you apply the brakes. You won't just have to replace your brake pads, but your rotors as well.
  • Squealing brakes can be another sign it's time for service. Squealing is pretty normal when the roads are wet, but when it happens all the time, it's usually a built in indicator that your brakes are wearing out.

When you need brake service, bring your Ford into the Fiesta Ford Inc. Service Center. Our expert technicians will inspect and fix your brakes, making sure that you have a safe ride. Schedule an appointment today, and remember to check our Service Coupons for a chance to save!

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